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It's That Time of Year!tt

Updated: Feb 1

Many people are still finding babies and injured wildlife. This is that time of year that a lot of wildlife rehabbers are full and overwhelmed with the number of intakes and calls they have gotten over the past few months.

A lot of members of the public get frustrated and irritated that no one is helping the little animal they are trying to save.

It is no one's fault! Both sides of these situations are dealing with stress and frustration. We all need to remember that wildlife rehabbers voluntarily take in wildlife and care for them at their own expense. Finders of injured or orphaned wildlife just really want to do what's right and rescue an innocent life.

What can we do? We can work on outreach to promote more individuals, that have the interest, in becoming official Wildlife Rehabilitators or volunteer with a licensed rehabber!!Many members of the public say they would love to help, but don't even know what is involved and where to begin. They also aren't aware that they can dictate what animals they would be willing to care for and take in.

Where to begin? First, you will need to know what your state rules and regulations are in becoming a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. This is usually available on your state's Department of Fish and Wildlife or Department of Natural Resources webpage.

Ask us how! Many rehabbers have a lot on their mind to think to bring the topic up, simply ask us. Most would love to tell you how can get started. Many rehabbers are shorthanded and would gladly accept eager volunteers!

In conclusion, there simply just isn't enough wildlife rehabilitators for the amount of wildlife in need of care. As a community, we need to work together to grow and nurture the interests of potential future newcomers to this field. And all people involved in a wildlife rescue are important and typically want to do the compassionate thing. It takes a village.

--Samantha Opp, CWR

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