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Happy Holidays!

Everyone is quite busy this holiday season. As we move into colder weather, believe it or not, some species of wildlife are moving towards breeding season. One really important example are COYOTES! Many of us that live out in the country already know there has been an increase in activity. Coyotes near and in towns are also becoming more and more active.

Coyotes begin to start either looking for mates or courtship during the winter season. They can be active during times of the day that they are typically not seen. Young coyotes will be on their own for the first time, if they have chosen to not stay with mom and dad. Many venture to places they are not wanted nor welcomed.

We ask, we plead, with you and the community to have some empathy for these beautiful animals during this period. Coexistence is possible! The important thing to know, first and foremost, is SAFETY (both for human and pet). Some safety tips we recommend to anyone that lives in coyote territory include:

-Don't leave young children outside unattended during dawn through dusk (though children should never be left

unattended in areas of potential wildlife interaction).

-Don't leave small pets unattended during dawn through dusk.

-Large dogs can become involved in disputes with coyotes as well, it is best to just know your area and be

mindful of young and single coyotes in search of mates.

-DON'T leave food out.

-Secure all trash.

-Carry mace--- or---- a tin can containing coins or marbles or stones (anything that can be used to make loud

noises can deter most coyote).

If you have any questions about coyotes, please let us know!! We will be glad to help!

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