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Garden Waterfall
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Enchanted Adoption Garden

In our Enchanted Adoption Garden, we have adoptable rescues. They are in need of a loving and responsible forever home. If you have done the proper research on one of our rescued flowers, please click on the application form, fill it out, and then email to and we will consider you as a potential forever home!!

Sugar Gliders




Turtles & Tortoises

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Sugar Gliders

These 2 sugar gliders are in foster care at our Indiana branch with Sam. She has been working with them and preparing them for their forever home. These two came to us after their former owner could no longer keep them.

If you are interested, please fill out an adoption application and email it to

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No adoptable birds at this time

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EFWR of KY is looking for homes for 8 young rabbits. Our organization rescued a domestic rabbit (Jacoba) who was most likely an unwanted pet, dumped outside to fend for herself. Thank goodness we rescued Jacoba when we did, soon after arriving at our rescue, she gave birth to 9 babies! One baby will be staying with EFWR, the other 8 are in need of loving homes!

  • Domestic rabbits are not equipped with skills necessary for survival, nor are do they tolerate the outdoors very well. It is a miracle Jacoba survived for as long as she did. Domestic rabbits are extremely sensitive to extreme temperatures and predators. These bunnies will be adopted to INDOOR-ONLY homes.

  • The babies are currently weaning from mom and will be ready in a couple weeks. We are starting the application process now. If you may think you would be interested in adopting a beautiful bunny, fill out an application by clicking on the link and sending us the filled out copy!

  • Adoption fee is $25 for 1 bunny OR $40 for a pair.


Mama Jacoba (right) with her 9 babies. Mama Jacoba is not available for adoption.

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No adoptable snakes at this time

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Leopard Gecko - "Hubble"

"Hubble" is a male leopard gecko who was surrendered to a pet store in horrible condition. He was emaciated, had layers of stuck shed, and eye caps so severe that he looked like an alien - hence his name! Hubble found his way to EFWR where he received vet care and proper nutrition. He is now ready to find his forever home!

  • Hubble has some trust issues due to being neglected in his past life. His personality has already improved since arriving and I believe with time and proper husbandry he will calm down. For this reason, he is in need of an understanding/experienced owner.

  • Due to his neglectful past, he may be more susceptible to health issues. The right owner will be willing to seek veterinary care if necessary.

  • We have no information regarding where Hubble originally came from and are unsure of his age.

  • Adoption fee is $40

Are you the right home for Hubble? Please fill out our adoption application and email to!

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Turtles & Tortoises

No adoptable turtles or tortoises at this time

Colorful Flowers

Success Stories!

Sugar Gliders - Sunny & Moe

These two delightful sugar gliders were surrendered to our organization due to the previous owner being unable to keep them. They were fostered by Kim at EFWR, successfully adopted, and are now living their best lives together with their forever family! YAY!

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