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Volunteer Opportunities

The Enchanted Forest Wildlife Rescue of Kentucky is currently accepting dedicated volunteers at our Frankfort location!

If you are not able to commit to having a set schedule, we may have other opportunities that interest you!


Animal Care

Commitment Level: High

Our Animal Care Team volunteers are asked to commit to regular times and days throughout the week. All Animal Care Team members must be 18 years of age or older and have access to regular communication such as texting, calling, email, etc. 

All teams members must understand that this is not a time to play with cute animals. Much of this job includes cleaning cages and assisting with sick patients. There is always a risk of being bit when working with animals, so we require all animal care volunteers to have proof of tetanus. We also HIGHLY recommend that our volunteers receive their rabies pre-exposure vaccine. This is a great volunteer opportunity for those who are interested in becoming a licensed rehabilitator or wish to work with animals in their career!

If you are interested in joining our team, please email your completed application to

Animal Transport

Commitment Level: Low

This is an easy, low commitment volunteer opportunity! If you have a busy schedule, and would like to help out on occasion, you can sign up to help with transportation. There is no scheduling commitment required for this position.

Volunteers in this category will need reliable transportation, a valid license, and access to texting and calling. If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, email us at

How can kids help?

Due to safety concerns, we do not permit any volunteer under the age of 18 in our facility...but this doesn't mean kids can't make a difference! Here are some things can do to help our animals out...

  • Raise money for animals

    • Lemonade stands, do chores for your neighbors, start a donation drive at school​

  • Gathering and donating old stuffed animals (we give these to our wildlife babies to cuddle with)​

  • Start an animal rights club at your school

    • We offer education programs and would love to help! Contact us for more information.​

  • Start a garden and donate what you grow!​

    • We feed our animals fresh fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet!​

  • Collect acorns, pine cones, small tree stumps etc.​

    • We give these to our animals to provide natural enrichment!​

  • Build a nest box​

    • Many of our animals use nest boxes. We place these at our release sites!​

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